Friday, January 11, 2013

Today's HuffPost Hatemongering

Yesterday the Huffington Post realized that they hadn't drummed up enough hatred toward the Jewish state, and thought that they would change that. How would that happen, you ask? With this article:

Why would the Huffington Post publish an article about how many weapons Israel sold? Why would they assume the readership would care if not because they know that everything related to weapons, the "military-industrial complex," and of course the Jewish state spawns comment after comment after comment of rage? Israel is nowhere close to the country that exports the most weapons.

Notice how the author is unnamed and how it's from a French news report. And by the way, Israel sold about $7 billion worth of defense materials, while America sold more than $60 billion. And yet for some reason American arms sales get an article in the Business section on the Huffington Post and not the "World."  Let's also compare the pictures:

The Huffington Posts know how to really provoke the rage. And provoke it did:

And like usual, Huffington Post approved. Though it's always good to see the symbiotic relationship between the Huffington Post editors and their anti-Semitic readership in action. An article about American weapons sales about around 300 comments and Russian weapons sales got 260. Let's see how much this article gets.

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