Friday, January 4, 2013

Today's Poll Dichotomy

Continuing the pattern of news that the Huffington Post does and doesn't cover, check out this article that made it almost to the top of the "World" section:

To this you may say, "so what's the problem? Doesn't that poll result make Israelis look good?" Yes, it does make Israelis look peaceful, which means that it advances the Huffington Post's agenda in a different way. This article isn't a shot on Israel as a whole (for a change) instead it is a shot on Netanyahu and other "right wingers."

But what I find so amazing is it's clear that the Huffington Post is selective in which polls that it decides to publish. Why didn't they share with us that almost 90% of Palestinians support Hamas style terror attacks on Israeli civilians, or that support for Hamas in general is taking off in the West Bank? Or that they like Al Qaeda more than they like President Obama? Or that the vast majority still thinks they should take all of Israel for themselves.

It seems to me that the Huffington Post is very careful to avoid telling the truth about what's really happening there. They prefer their own little world.

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