Thursday, January 10, 2013

Today's Questionable HuffPost Picture Choice

Departing from our usual topics, it's always informative to see how the Huffington Post is biased against the US military as well, even if they execute it in a somewhat clumsy fashion. Check out this headline and picture:

Now that image of all the destruction and death came from a drone strike, right? Wrong. It's actually from the blast that killed 12 people in Pakistan. That's what the article is about, but not the headline. There was also a drone strike that killed "five suspected militants," but the picture had nothing to do with that. Notice how some people kill "people" while others kill "suspected militants." But anyway, the article has a whole is about the US stepping up drone strikes. So why not have a picture of a drone? Or if you can't have that, a headline that actually reflects the picture, or even an impartial one like "more fighting in Pakistan?" No?

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