Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Your Morning Bias in Pictures

If you have been reading the Huffington Post for a while you may be aware that it loves slideshows at the end of articles. We have already commented upon when they had a series of propaganda pictures of Palestinian stone throwers, but this time they decided to turn the bias against Israel, relying heavily on stereotypes. I'm going to include every single one of the pictures for both articles about the Israeli elections, so check out the original links if you want to see for yourself. And as always click to zoom in:

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Out of the sixteen pictures in the slideshow, nine of them are of ultra orthodox Jews voting. As for the rest, there was one of an Arab-Israeli, looking every inch a stereotype of a Muslim:

And here's where the real bias comes in, when the Huffington Post starts labeling people as "Jewish Israeli settlers:"

The Huffington Post would have you believe that there are principally two kinds of Israelis: Ultra Orthodox men, and settlers. Yes, there are Arab Israelis and prisoners (they had a picture of a convict which I did not include) but they clearly aren't as important. And heaven forbid we publish pictures of all sections of Israeli society, instead of just the ones we know our readership won't like.

Still think the Huffington Post isn't pushing an agenda?

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