Monday, February 18, 2013

Biased Headlines, Engineered Hate

On Sunday the Huffington Post decided to show us once again how biased reporting combined with poor moderation leads to pure hate speech. It all started when they decided to cover the latest information about the "Prisoner X" case in the most biased way possible:

"We're not like all other countries?" What the heck is that supposed to mean? What an arrogant thing for Netanyahu to say. Notice the biased picture as well: an angry Netanyahu juxtaposed with the grave of a saintly victim of the Zionist regime.

Unfortunately if you actually read the article, the gist of what Netanyahu said was that Israel has more pressing security needs than most countries in the world. With two terror enclaves, a civil war, and neighbors with whom they are technically at war perched on their borders, I doubt even the most ignorant Huffington Post reader would argue with them about it. So the Huffington Post editors took one section of the article and gave it top billing precisely so that their readership would get the wrong impression.

And it worked perfectly as hatred and anti-Semitism came pouring out. Be sure to take note of the number of favorites as well.

Of course anti-Semitism in general, most commonly in the form of Nazi comparisons, was also running rampant on the thread, this is the Huffington Post after all:

That's enough for now. Think it's time for the Huffington Post to be billed as a hate site?

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