Thursday, February 21, 2013

Comment of the Day: Jews and Money

Posted in the Religion section of the Huffington Post, far from the trials and tribulations of Israel and world politics, Mollie Griminger wrote an essay for KidSpirit Magazine which was then crossposted by the HP about Judaism and how it has taught her the value of giving the charity. Here's an excerpt:
"Judaism has a lot to teach me about how to view and value money. From giving tzedakah to making sure I don't spend all my money on myself, it has fully shaped my mindset. Being raised with such religious teachings and morals has taught me a much more generous and kindhearted way of looking at the value of money. Money shouldn't be wasted, and I consider giving tzedakah to not be wasting money at all because, even if I'm not getting any prize in return, I get the gratifying feeling that I just helped somebody's life. It doesn't have to be a hundred dollars. It can just be one dollar in a charity box, and I feel that I have already achieved one of my biggest goals every day. I'm lucky enough to have all that I need, and luckier that I can have things I want, and I hope that a few dollars can help the poor feel that way, too."
 Who could object to something like that?

Well, this is the Huffington Post, so you can bet on at least one anti-Semitic comment per Judaism related thread. In this case, we had two, both from the same user:

Hours later, still not deleted and the user remained unbanned.

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