Monday, February 18, 2013

HP Bias in Pictures: Prisoner X vs. Syria

I bring to you a screenshot that I just took of the Huffington Post's World section. It exemplifies perfectly the kind of priorities the people on the Huffington Post have, both the commenters and the editors (click to zoom in):

In case you don't want to zoom in, you can see that the "Prisoner X" article received well over 1,000 comments. War crimes in Syria? Less than 100.

I'd like to point out the war crimes in Syria article was published today (2/18) at 9:30 am (approximately). The Prisoner X story? Yesterday (2/17) at 2:10pm.

That publishing timing might explain the comment dichotomy, but it can't explain why the Israel article is above the Syria article. That's just pure HP bias right there.

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