Thursday, February 21, 2013

HP Bias: Second Burnat Article

We wrote earlier today about the Huffington Post's screaming headline about a Palestinian director who was temporarily detained at the airport. Well, apparently front page coverage wasn't quite enough for this story, because later that day the Huffington Post published an op ed by Michael Moore, also about the temporary detainment. There was absolutely no new information in the op ed about the non-story, but the HP still felt it should be published. This kind of bias is as typical as it is blatant.

Fortunately, unlike the previous article which was all about Jews controlling Hollywood and apparently airport security, most of the top comments for this article were self-flagellating Americans lamenting how paranoid the country has become.

I guess the Huffington Post pushed too hard with this article and didn't get the results it was hoping for. Too bad.

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