Monday, February 25, 2013

HP Bias: Third Burnat Article

The Huffington Post has an unspoken editorial policy, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Why else would it continue to publish articles about a 90 minute detainment of professional Palestinian propagandist Emad Burnat several days after the fact? We blogged last week about the not one, but two articles about Burnat's temporary detainment by LAX airport security, the original being published on the front page of the Huffington Post. But apparently, that is still not good enough, because the "objective" Huffington Post editorial staff decided to publish a third article about the detainment, this time a blog post by Burnat himself. 

I'm not going to fisk the entire article because it contains absolutely no new information. But here are some propaganda paragraphs from the piece that the Huffington Post has no problem publishing:

"My wife and I had seen that look before -- on the faces of our kids, mostly. After all, like all Palestinian children living in the West Bank, ours have grown accustomed to the humiliation of ID checks and interrogations....

In my film, which I co-directed with Israeli Guy Davidi, you can see this repression up close.
You can see construction of what leaders of conscience (like Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu) have called an "apartheid" wall -- separating us from our land and providing cover for Jewish-only colonies to steal our resources. You can see my village's children shoved around by grown men in fatigues and armor. You can see unarmed civilians, including Israeli peace activists, being shot by occupation soldiers. And you can see that our response -- the Palestinian response -- has been dignified, nonviolent, and determined.

Acting on that principle, my dinner companions that night [after the detainment] held fast for a farmer and his family from a little village in Palestine. Such acts of decency and moral courage, more than the pronouncements of politicians or pundits -- or the fear-driven acts of immigration officials -- are what will bring true peace to the Holy Land. "
 It's enough to make you puke. And the Huffington Post and its readership ate it right up. Could the bias be more blatant?

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