Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HP Israel Obsession: Pope Edition

We've blogged before about the HP's obsession with Israel, how the Huffington Post and its readership care way more about Israel than practically any other country, including the United States. Today brought out another example.

As you may or may not have heard, the Pope in Rome is resigning. The Huffington Post, for some reason, is insanely devoted to covering this issue. It created its own page to centralize all the articles it published about the Pope. But we're just going to talk for the moment about the articles in the "World" section, which is a decent amount of them. 

The HP covered a range of articles, from speculating on who the next Pope will be, to why the Pope is resigning, to his legacy rocked by "scandal", to, of course, his relationship with Israel.


His relationship with Israel.

Every other country? They got shoved in an article headlined "World Reacts to Pope's Resignation with Disbelief, Grief". In the HP's defense, they did cover both President Obama and British PM Cameron's statements to the Pope's resignation, but those are major world leaders.

Why does the HP feel the need to publish an article specifically about Israel's relationship to the Pope? Because it's obsessed with Israel.

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