Sunday, February 10, 2013

HP/AP Bias: Beiter Jerusalem Arson

The Huffington Post and Associated Press combined forces to smear Israelis in general on Friday with their latest spin on the facts. This time, it was the arson against the offices of Beitar Jerusalem after the Israeli soccer club signed two Muslim players from Chechnya. Before going forward remember: Beitar Jerusalem signed Muslim players from Chechnya. So what did the HP headline the article?

Facts? Why just report the facts when we can extrapolate and generalize? And remember, Arabs and Muslims are completely different, except when the HP wants them to be the same.

The Associated Press article the HP republishes also blatantly conflates Arabs and Muslims:
"An apparent arson attack Friday on the offices of leading Israeli soccer club Beitar Jerusalem has put a spotlight on longstanding concerns over growing anti-Arab racism among the nation's soccer fans.

The fire, which destroyed historic trophies and mementos, comes after the team broke with its unofficial tradition and signed two Muslim players from Chechnya, enraging its most xenophobic fan-base that has a history of chanting anti-Islam slurs at games."
 Later on in the article it states that Beitar's racist fans also use anti-Arab chants, but it doesn't change the fact the AP and HP are using Arabs and Muslims interchangeably. What kind of journalist doesn't know the difference?

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