Thursday, February 21, 2013

HPW: Emad Burnat Detained?

The Huffington Post couldn't want to cover the temporary detaining of Palestinian propagandist Emad Burnat (director of Five Broken Cameras) and they gave it front page coverage and a screaming headline:

Ironically, of course, there is no actual proof that he was detained, as the Huffington Post's only evidence comes from the Twitter feed of Michael Moore. The Huffington Post's interior headline says that "Michael Moore claimed" that was what happened but as you can see the outside does not. Of course, by the time this goes up tomorrow I'm sure everything will be straightened out, but it goes to show who quickly the Huffington Post goes off to the races when they think they have a good story.

This non-story resulted in hundreds of comments, including a plethora of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments. I've collected some of them below:

Just another day on the Huffington Post. Interestingly, after it was introduced to the mainstream readership, the discussion became more about how the director was expecting special treatment just because he made a movie, how many people thought that a 90 minute wait was hardly worth front page news, as well as to what extend Michael Moore deserved any credit. I guess the Huffington Post's hatemongering doesn't always work.

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