Tuesday, February 26, 2013

HuffPost Takes Arms Against Galloway

The Huffington Post did cover George Galloway's hissy fist last week, but declined to editorialize. My guess is to determine which way public opinion came down on Galloway. But when even the anti-Semitic BDS movement distanced itself from Galloway, the HP editors knew which side they had to be on and turned up the volume.

First, they published (in HuffPost UK of course, can't be too vocal) this article about the organizer of the protest being "humiliated" by Galloway:

Then, within an hour of the first article, the Huffington Post then published an op ed by Mahmood Naji saying the same thing all over again, that Galloway "humiliated" him.

Anyone else think the Huffington Post is protesting a little too much? Perhaps because they have hosted bloggers who share BDS's values like Galloway does?

On the other hand, the main article about Galloway's outburst was a little more what we expect. Even though it was in HuffPostUK, the anti-Zionist trolls still poured in to defend Galloway by spamming unrelated Palestinian propaganda, all with moderator approval of course:

Birds of a feather flock together, I think.

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