Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Human Rights Watch Criticizes Assad, Hilarity Ensues

You wouldn't expect a thread about 140 Syrian civilians killed in Aleppo to have humorous elements but when it comes to the bizarre twisted morality on the Huffington Post, you have to either laugh or cry, and I prefer to laugh.

According to the HP article, the NGO Human Rights Watch is on the case in Syria, and this is what they found:
"An international human rights organization says the Syrian military fired at least four ballistic missiles into the embattled northern city of Aleppo over the past week, killing more than 140 people, including 70 children.
Human Rights Watch says the attacks by the regime of President Bashar Assad on residential areas of Aleppo mark an "escalation of unlawful attacks against Syria's civilian population."
A researcher with the U.S.-based group, who visited Aleppo last week to inspect the targeted sites, said up to 20 buildings were destroyed in each area hit by a missile. There were no signs of any military targets in the residential districts, located in rebel-held parts of Aleppo, the group said in a report Tuesday."
Civilian deaths? Including children? No military targets in the area? It all points to screaming outrage on the point of the Huffington Posters!

But, naturally, because Assad's regime is the one being targeted by HRW, those readers that even bothered to post (there were less than 100 comments on the thread), all defended Assad and/or counter-attacked HRW. Here's the evidence:

Once the "great" Assad is criticized by HRW, suddenly HRW isn't a good source.

Compare these comments to the comments left after HRW criticized Israel and you can see the hypocrisy in its full glory. You gotta laugh.

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