Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hypocritical Comment of the Day: BDS and Speakers

This comment, published on the Siegman article about the Jewish lobby, was so hypocritical I needed to highlight it for you:

The link, which you can go to Mondoweiss and look up for yourself if you're a masochist, is basically complaining about how a BDS conference in Brooklyn College is being threatened by pro-Israel people and might be canceled because it's "hateful."

The BDSers and their spokesperson on the HP "Finkelstein Fan" here are upset by this and point accusatory fingers at their opponents and demanding their "right" to "free speech, academic freedom and dissenting opinion."

But as anyone who is paying attention is well aware, one of the principles of BDS is preventing any and all Israel speakers from being heard. You know, attacking "free speech, academic freedom and dissenting opinion." Their own website claims "victories" such as trying to prevent Michael Oren from speaking at UC Irvine, demanding the end of Israeli Studies programs in UK universities, an "academic boycott" of a conference sponsored by the Israeli government, and the cancellation of a lecture at Tel Aviv University by French philosopher Jacques Rancière. 

So much for "free speech, academic freedom, and dissenting opinion." 

This kind of blatant hypocrisy and transparent dishonesty makes my stomach hurt.

The original link.

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