Monday, February 4, 2013

Israel Derangement Syndrome in Action

Over the weekend the Huffington Post covered Israelis and Palestinians "clashing" over one of their tent protests in the West Bank. Police went in to break it up, the Palestinians "peacefully" threw some rocks, the police responded with tear gas and stun grenades. You know, the usual. Obviously, the Huffington Post tossed in a biased picture:

But compared to what things have been, it wasn't that bad.

No Palestinians were killed. Not one. In fact, there weren't even any serious injuries reported.

But that's assuming you actually read the article and understood what was going on. Which, as we all know, is something Huffington Post readers don't do when Israel is involved. So instead they trotted off on their hate parade about how Israel is "bloodthirsty." Think I'm exaggerating? Check out some of the top favorited comments:

Welcome to the Huffington Post. Where we don't hate Jews, we only have measured and fact-based criticism of Israel's policies. And are totally content to let 200,000 Syrians starve to death.

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