Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New on the HP: Rocket Attack from Gaza

To the Huffington Post's credit, it actually covered the rocket fired from Gaza today, which shattered the cease fire that has been in place for the last three months. But it naturally used a biased picture for the outside headline, and no picture at all for the inside:

Even though Israelis are the ones under attack, the Palestinians are the ones who get their picture in the newspaper. Note the headline: "Rocket Fired from Gaza Despite Ceasefire". Where did it land? Who knows, and who cares? Who fired it? We've got Gazans like the innocent child (who loves rockets) above, to weep for.

The thread has already picked up hundreds of comments, and most of the top ones were justifying or deflecting from this unwarranted aggression, war crime, and terrorism by the Gazans. Here's a sampling:

Suddenly all the concern for "international law" and "human rights" goes right out the window.

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