Friday, February 8, 2013

Proof Positive of Palsbarists on the Huffington Post

One of the most beloved talking points for the Israel haters on the Huffington Post is that anyone who disagrees with them is "hasbara", aka people paid by the Israeli government to defend Israel, because no honest unpaid person would ever support democratic Israel over the fascist Palestinians. But today I bring your proof that there are paid spammers for the anti-Israel side on the Huffington Post.

The article: Ayatollah Khameini denies any interest in talking to the United States about nuclear weapons.

The section: the top comments (aka the most favorited). I was looking at them and what did I see?

Two different guys, each with hundreds of fans, saying the exact same talking point. Any questions?

The original link #1

The original link #2


  1. Interesting.
    Wonder if that particular phrasing shows up in the SJP handbook...

    Of course, we must consider the possibility that they are actually that lazy and out of ideas that they have started copying each other verbatim.

  2. @Json,

    C. All of the above.

    They really are a pathetic lot.


  3. Yank in FranceBecome a fan

    **POLITICAL PUNDIT**·2,097 Fans·Sandy Koufax, my favorite pitcher of all time!

    Oh well, look at the bright side of the story. If the motorist were a Palestinian, she not only would have been fined, but had her home seized. And that's assuming the judge was in a good mood that day!

    Reply Fave Share 8 Feb 3:10 AM Flag

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    And there you have it folks. "Yank in France", who is consistent and constant with racist,
    biggoted, anti-Israel-anti-Jewish comments and lies, gets *honored* by the team at Huffington Post and receives the title "Political Pundit" for all of his efforts to uphold their

    Why is it every time you think Huffington Post can't stoop any lower,
    they do.


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