Thursday, February 28, 2013

Religious Freedom Court Case? HuffPosters Jew Bait

The Huffington Post's "World" section had an article about an Orthodox Jewish man in the Netherlands who went to court. The case was that he wasn't carrying his ID on him, which in that country you are required to do. He says that because he's Orthodox he is not allowed to carry anything except clothing on Shabbat. Some people discussed the merits of the case, religious freedom, the somewhat creepy idea of voter laws. Others, including noted "critics" of Israel's "policies," just showed up to make sidelong remarks about Jewish people:

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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  1. No surprise. All of the same people that screamed about the "religious right" of Muslim women to wear burqas.

    In their anti-Jewish world, it is all par for the course, where Muslims ARE above the law, but Jews have no religious rights.

    Hypocrites, the lot of them.


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