Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Newest and Greatest HuffPost Hatemongering

There's nothing the Huffington Post enjoys more than making the Palestinians look like victims, even when they don't have the facts to back it up. We have been documenting their biased pictures and headlines for years, but this newest one may take the cake:

Of course, if you actually read the article (which no one on the Huffington Post does) you will find that neither of the two Palestinians shot were killed by the shootings. One was hit in the stomach and the other was hit in the foot. This is during violent altercations, I might add. But the Huffington Post prefers its vague editorials when Palestinians are involved. Contrast this with the bombing death of nine civilians by NATO, and the bias is picture-perfect, no pun intended.

The comments of course were about as hateful as we expect, though no there wasn't as much anti-Semitism and Jew baiting in the top favorited comments as usual:

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