Thursday, February 7, 2013

The HuffPost Compares Jews to Nazis, Again

In order to fulfill its daily "bash Israel" quotient yesterday, the Huffington Post published an article in the "Religion" section about Emory College's trip to Israel and the West Bank with students in order to indoctrinate them with Palestinian propaganda. Do you think I'm exaggerating? The authors don't make it sound that way but a little passage buried in the middle of the article just shows us how far off the rocker the students have gone. Check it out:
"Later that day, when the group visited Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum in Jerusalem, the almost unspeakable irony of this complex conflict became clear. At the beginning of the exhibition is a quotation by Kurt Tucholsky, a German-Jewish essayist, that says, "A country is not just what it does ... it is also what it tolerates."   
"The quotation immediately brought to mind the stories we were hearing and witnessing, one after another, from Palestinians," says Jay Godfrey, an alumnus who is a seminar designer with The United Methodist Seminar Program at the Church Center for the United Nations.   
"The restriction of movement, different identification cards, inability to own a passport, displacement from land and the isolation of Palestinian towns and villages -- these conditions have some historical parallels," he adds."
There are three possibilities here: Either Jay Godfrey left five minutes after entering Yad Vashem and thus never learned how the tour finished, he's an anti-Semite, or he is "so open minded that his brains have fallen out." I'll let you figure out which, but the only thing that is brought to mind here is how well the Palestinians have managed to convince these students that they are the ultimate victims, not to be outdone by anyone in the present or in the past, no matter what reality has to say. The authors are all too happy to help them along, as elsewhere in the article the example of the "wall" appears. According to the authors, it was built to prevent the "uncontrolled entry of Palestinians" in 2002, and just as a happy side effect "diminished" attacks originating in the West Bank.

It also goes to show just how acceptable comparing Jews to Nazis has become on the Huffington Post, especially after Parker Lawson's article. What the talkbackers have been doing for a while has now become editorial policy. One wonders when Arianna Huffington herself will go onto a press conference and claim that Palestinians are being thrown into gas chambers.

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