Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today's Generated Hate: More Australia Articles

The Huffington Post has sunk its teeth into this "Prisoner X" story and refuses to let go. It published its second and then third articles on the subject today, even though there was no new information to be gleaned from either one. The first headline ran "Ben Zygier Death: Israel Prisoner X Case to Be Reviewed By Australia" and on the "World" page lo and behold there was a picture of Ben:

Amazing that the HP can find a picture of a guy whose story had a gag order on it, but they couldn't find one of Daniel Viflic or Christine Lukan.

As for the actual story, it looks like he was an Australian who immigrated to Israel, betrayed Israel and was locked up for it. Australia already knew everything that was going on, and now are looking into his death. In other words, spy stuff was happening.

Anyway, the haters immediately arrived at the article and started attacking Israel:

If you can believe it, the "legitimate criticism" soon devolved into open anti-Semitism, approved by the Huffington Post moderators of course:

All in a day's work for the Huffington Post.

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