Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Women Arrested for Praying at Western Wall, HPers Hate

The Huffington Post leaped on the most recent altercation at the Western Wall in Jerusalem caused by the Women of the Wall protesting the Orthodox rules in place there, publishing both a news article and a blog post and then a second news article because Sarah Silverman's sister was one of them. The Huffington POst wanted to make sure you saw this story, in other words.

Israel has a variety of laws in place to protect religious doctrines (whether you agree with them or not), such as that Jews cannot pray on the Temple Mount, but the HPers naturally took this opportunity to attack Israel's status as a democracy. These particular HPers are, of course, nowhere to be found on articles about Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq.

By the way, in the United Kingdom, the law against blasphemy was repealed in 2008, and I didn't say anyone claiming the UK was a theocracy up until that point. Just one example of religious laws still in place in democracies that aren't Israel.

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