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Another Israel Hating, Terror Supporting HuffPost Editor

I'd like to thank anti-Israel propagandist Ahmed Shihab-Eldin for finding for me an editorial that we had actually missed when it first was published. I know, horrors. Anyway he retweeted a column by Mehdi Hasan. Who is that? He is the political director of the Huffington Post UK and a former journalist for Al-Jazeera. Oh, and he also hates Israel. How do we know this? Because he published a propaganda column making that exactly clear.

Hasan's article is called "10 Things You Need to Know About Gaza." None of them are things that people need to know, and most of them are half-truths. I'm going to debunk them now because I want to make it clear just what kind of people are running the Huffington Post. So here are the ten things:
"David Cameron once referred to Gaza as a "prison camp" and "some sort of open-air prison". 1.7million [sic] Palestinians are crammed into just 140 square miles; Gaza is one of the most crowded places on earth."
"One of the most crowded" is a sign that something is amiss. Gaza is not even close to the most densely populated place on Earth. It's a classic Palestinian talking point that doesn't hold up to the facts, as usual. As for Cameron, he spoke up for Israel as well. And as Hasan himself admits, Egypt controls one of Gaza's b orders.
"According to the Israeli human-rights group B'Tselem, in the last major conflict between Israel and Hamas - 'Operation Cast Lead' which kicked off in December 2008 - 762 Palestinian civilians were killed, including more than 300 children, compared to three (yes, three!) Israeli civilians."
Hasan's point is that this is an unfair fight. So explain to me why we need to know that. Why is it important to Americans, more important than the fact that one thousand Palestinians have been killed in Syria, a statistic that the Huffington Post has no intention of sharing? Again, if the Palestinians have so much to lose and so little to gain from continuing to fight with Israel, why don't they just make peace?

Next up, support for Hamas:
"Why do they hate us, ask ordinary Israelis? Well, Gaza has been under siege since January 2006, after its residents dared to elect a Hamas goverment [sic] in free and fair elections. The subsequent economic blockade imposed upon the Strip by the Israeli government at one stage prevented the residents of Gaza from importing, among other things, coriander, ginger, nutmeg and, even, newspapers.Most international lawyers, as well as the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), consider the blockade to be illegal under international humanitarian law; in 2009, a UN panel, led by distinguished South African judge and self-confessed Zionist Richard Goldstone, accused Israel of imposing "a blockade which amounted to collective punishment"."
A classic whiny Palestinian talking point. Just because the Palestinians chose to put a Islamist terrorist group in power does not mean that Israel wasn't allowed to react accordingly. Blockades have been a part of war, and as I have said before many times the Quartet powers were the ones who first came up with the idea of embargoing Gaza until Hamas accepted three conditions.

As for the legal argument, the ICRC is not a judge or jury, and the UN (which is way more legit than the ICRC) declared the blockade legal. Actually, if you want to get technical it isn't even a blockade if things are being transported through it. Regardless, this isn't need to know either. The Palestinians make war against Israel and get hit back for it. Not exactly surprising.

His next talking point is Israeli officials who say that Gaza must be put "on a diet." This would be a good point except that it is very old now, it was said in 2006. In 2012, when the article was written, there are very little restrictions on food coming into Gaza.
"Some 10% of children under five in the Gaza Strip have had their growth stunted due to prolonged exposure to malnutrition. "Stunting (chronic malnutrition) is not improving and may be deteriorating," concluded the World Health Organisation in May of this year."
Another good example of propaganda. One might assume, given that this comes right after the "on a diet" remark that this is because there isn't enough food in Gaza. But there is plenty of food, it's just that people are poor. And compared to the hundreds of thousands of children (of 2.6 million people) who starve to death every year, a lot of whom are Arabs, there's little reason we should care about the Gazans more than any other group of people. Except, of course, that the goal is to make people hate Israel. Isn't that why the Huffington Post exists?
"The unemployment rate in Gaza is 28% - and stands at 58% among young people aged between 20 and 24, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics."
The Gaza Strip is not even close to the territory/nation with the highest unemployment rate, so there is no reason why Americans should know or care about them. Usually people who pick fights have a hard time finding work. If you care so much about employment in Gaza, ask Hamas to make peace with its neighbors.
"One in five children in Gaza suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), according to the award-winning Palestinian psychiatrist Dr Eyad El-Sarraj. (More than half of Gaza's residents, incidentally, are under the age of 18.)"
And a greater fraction of Israeli children in Sderot (almost half) also have PTSD. Gazans aren't special just because the Huffington Post editors like to think they are.

At this point he accuses Hamas of being "subcontrators" of Israel, very amusing, and then blames Israel for killing one of their own "subcontrators" to start a war. Some awesome Huffington Post logic on that one.
"The most recent UN report on Gaza found that 80% of households in the Strip receive some form of financial assistance and 39% of people live below the poverty line."
More than 75% of Haitians live under the poverty line. Compared to there, Gaza is a paradise. You are not special.

Finally, he proves his Israel hating nature with a call for the annihilation of the Jewish state. (Emphasis mine)
"Two out of three Palestinian residents of Gaza - more than a million people! - identify themselves as refugees; the majority of these are 1948, and not 1967, refugees - that is, they fled to the Strip in the "ethnic cleansing" of 1948 and not the Six Day War and subsequent occupation of 1967. Thus, tragically, even a two-state solution, based on pre-1967 borders, will not deliver justice to these particular Palestinians."
There you have it. Yet another "peaceful" Arab who supports the Palestinian war effort. Only this one dictates editorial policy to the Huffington Post. Of course it goes without saying that people who are born in Gaza are not refugees, even if they have deluded themselves into thinking that they are. But it's good to know that the Palestinians won't accept a two-state solution. If that's how they feel, they will never get one. And I will have no sympathy for them left.

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  1. Wait a minute.

    "More than half of Gaza's residents, incidentally, are under the age of 18."

    "Two out of three Palestinian residents of Gaza identify themselves as refugees; the majority of these are 1948 and not 1967 refugees..."

    Can Hasan even do simple math? Way more than 18 years have passed since 1967, not to mention 1948!

    Oh,wait, I forgot that with Palestinians, alone among all refugee groups in the world, refugee status is genetic, something passed down along with the parents' DNA.


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