Friday, March 29, 2013

AntiWar.Com Arrives on the Huffington Post

There are many websites that are further to the left than the Huffington Post, that's hardly a controversial statement. There are fewer websites that are more anti-Semitic and anti-Israel than the Huffington Post. But has earned both labels. Their "ringleader" Justin Raimondo has declared that Israel knew about the 7/7 bombings and 9/11 attacks before they happened. Pat Buchanan posts on there a lot as well. If that isn't enough evidence, check out this article.

Apparently the Huffington Post decided that they just weren't left-wing or anti-Israel enough so they decided to call up Adil E. Shamoo, an columnist, to basically attack Israel using the same tired talking points, now that President Obama has left. I thought he deserved his own response separate from the other complaining bloggers from before.

Shamoo begins by declaring that "Palestine is no longer feasible," not because it's obviously to everyone that the Palestinians have no intention of governing themselves or living in peace with anyone, but because there are too many settlements. A classic great anti-Zionist strawman. He then laments that not enough Israelis want a Palestinian state. Of course, he doesn't bother to speculate about why Israelis might not want a Palestinian state (i.e. they don't want to get bombed or shot at) but instead lets his audience assume that the Israeli public is merely right-wing/intransigent/anti-peace. Hey, telling the whole story doesn't bring the Huffington Post clicks.

Here comes Shamoo's amazing logic leap. Check this out:
"The fact is, that with the help of U.S. lobbyists and the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party, Mr. Netanyahu outsmarted Mr. Obama by changing the conversation three years ago from furthering peace negotiations with the Palestinians to setting red lines on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program. Mr. Obama dutifully changed his own policy from containment to preventing Iran from ever having nuclear weapons based upon these arbitrary red lines."
Hm. A genocidal regime seeking nuclear weapons has become a greater priority to the American President than the Palestinians refusing to negotiation for the three thousandth time. What a crazy turn of events! Clearly a Jewish conspiracy can be the only explanation for such a sudden shift in course!

President Obama tried getting the Palestinians to negotiate, Shamoo, in the first term of his Presidency. In a nice change, it didn't literally blow up in his face. But it didn't get anywhere either. And Iran is now more of a priority. If that bothers you talk to the Palestinians about that, and see if you can convince them to break a decades long policy of never missing a chance to miss a chance for peace.

At this point Shamoo dishonestly claims that the only people who don't want Iran to have nukes are the US and Israel, and then engages in the classic whiny talking point of "but Israel has them tooooooo!"

Having tried whining, he next attempts to threaten:
"Furthermore, America and Israel are becoming isolated from the world community due to their policies, which are increasingly perceived to be unfair and inhumane where the Palestinians are concerned. This isolation was demonstrated last year in the United Nations General Assembly's vote for the Palestinian right to non-voting member status at the U.N. With all of our allies around the world, the U.S marshaled only seven out of 190 members to vote against granting the Palestinians this status."
It's not exactly a surprise that Palestinian supporters continue to wave the flag of the UNGA resolution to "prove" that the whole wide world loves them. But UNGA resolutions are meaningless, and even Palestinain leaders admitted that it would change nothing on the ground. So why not vote for it? Israel is hardly isolated, and America certainly isn't. You should stick to complaining Shamoo, that pulls on the heartstrings of liberals much better than threats.

(Also note the misleading statistics. Seven nations voted against the Palestinians, but many more refused to vote with them, which is tantamount to the same thing.)

He then threatens again that America had better not get involved in Syria or Iran because if we do the "hatred toward America will skyrocket among people of the Middle East and Islamic countries." Amazing how Assad slaughtering tens of thousands of his own people doesn't earn hated among those human rights loving Middle Easterners. 

I'm sure we will be saying much more of "'s" refuse in the coming weeks.

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  1. Don't sell HP short! They are working very hard to be as anti-semitic as possible.
    I think the article about compensation for the Gaza flotilla has reach a terrifying new low.

    I received this comment
    "Hope you lose your arms, no more spreading lies on the internet "
    which received 24 fav's (24!!)on an article with only 133 comments!

    This guy has not made a single comment since August 2012, but comes out of hiding to wish personal harm to me, with full support of HPmods.

    Interestingly, every single anti-israel/anti-semitic comment on that thread has received 22-28 fav's. So either HP is not clamping down on (anti-semitic) hate speech as much, or these guys are running multiple accounts.

    Either way, the effect is noticeable, and HP is complicit in it.


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