Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bob Herbst's Arrogance

Bob Herbst is a Huffington Post blogger, and for his fourth article he decided to engage in the "opinion by proxy" style of writing. This is where, rather than write principally his own opinions, he writes about the opinions of another and simply says "I agree." This puts people who disagree with him in the awkward position of having to argue against an absent author. Anyway, Herbst is talking about Rabbi Menachem Froman who died a couple of weeks ago. You may remember the hatred the haters had for him because he lived in a settlement. Anyway Herbst is here to tell us that Froman went a step beyond being a peace activist to also being a useful idiot. If you don't believe me, we shall demonstrate. But along the way it's also obvious that Herbst has an anti-Israel agenda of his own:
"Proclaiming that he was a "citizen of the State of God," Rabbi Froman advocated the pursuit of peace by talking to Israel's enemies. He was friends with Yassir Arafat and talked with Hamas leaders like Sheik Yassin (assassinated by Israeli leaders who obviously did not share his views). "
Wow. Herbst is seriously saying that the IDF took about Sheik Yassin because they didn't like what he had to say, and not because he was responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks on Israelis. It's one thing for Froman to ignore the truth about these people he thinks Israel should make peace with but Herbst has no such excuse not to share the other side of the story. Sheik Yassin lived a dangerous life, proudly declaring that Hamas targets Israeli civilians, and he got exactly what he deserved. Maybe if the Palestinians had a little more Rabbi Fromans and a little less Sheik Yassins then there would be peace by now. I hope nobody finds that offensive.
"He supported Palestine statehood and UN membership and expressed a willingness to live as a minority in a West Bank settlement within a Palestinian state."
Did he now? How wonderful. Too bad the Palestinians want total ethnic cleansing of all Jewish people from the West Bank. Yet again we see Israelis bending over backwards to make peace with no reciprocation on the Palestinians side.

After a couple examples of Rabbi Froman standing with Palestinians, something totally unheard of on the other side, Herbst has another interesting story for us:
"Tongue in cheek, he related that he owed his very existence to the founder of Hamas, Izz ad-Din al-Qassam who shot the brother in law of his father on the former's farm in Palestine, causing the British to issue Froman's father an immigration certification (infrequently issued to Jews) so that he could operate the farm. This permitted him to escape Poland and the Holocaust which subsequently wiped out the rest of the Froman family."
I'm sure the cold-blooded murder of an innocent person is very funny to Rabbi Froman, but what this story tells me is that the problem is not "the occupation" if Arabs were killing innocent Jews even before the Nazi rise to power. I guess Rabbi Froman wasn't able to figure that out.

Then Herbst talks about Rabbi Froman's "peace plan" with Hamas, and brings the bias in a massive way. Check it out:
"[Peace plan details includeHamas would have declared its recognition that there are Jews living in the Holy Land, rather than the legitimacy of the State of Israel. When Israel ignored the deal, implicitly rejecting it, the Rabbi said out loud what Americans -- Jewish or not -- could not say here until very recently without being criticized as anti-Semitic: "The root of the [Israeli-Palestinian] problem is Israeli and American arrogance."
Before we get to yet another playing of the whiny "they call me anti-Semitic boo hoo hoo" card, let me point out that this "Hamas concession" is nothing of the kind. Hamas recognizes that Jews are living in "Palestine?" How is that a concession? Getting Hamas to recognize reality is supposed to be some kind of big achievement, and worth Israel freeing prisoners to get? Nothing that Froman did gives any indication that Hamas wants peace, and he's very much earned the label of a "useful idiot."

By the way, Israel rejected the deal because it was a bad deal. You can call them "arrogant" if you like but you'd better be prepared to call the Quartet Powers the same, because they don't think Israel should negotiate with Hamas either. But I'm sure Bob Herbst will be along presently to preemptively whine about being called "anti-Semitic." It's a classic anti-Zionist talking point, no article on the Huffington Post would be complete without it.

After talking about religion for a while, Herbst gets back to the main point in his conclusion:
"Rabbi Froman believed that, if Israel were truly serious about ending the occupation and making peace, it could not and would not ignore Hamas. It is clear from the Arab Spring that Israel -- and the United States -- are going to have to talk to and come to terms with Islamists around the world. Palestine might be a good place to start."
Really? Because according to all the evidence presented in your own article, Hamas doesn't want peace with Israel under any circumstances. So what could Israel possibly do regarding Hamas besides what they have been doing: keeping them contained and weakening them as much as possible? Oh right, the objective here is not to actually solve anything but just to bash Israel so that they are "nicer" to the Palestinians. And if people get killed, hey it's not going to be anything that Bob Herbst knows so who cares? That's exactly what people on the left have been saying for years now, and Israelis have stopped listening. I can't say I blame them.

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