Monday, March 11, 2013

Credit Where Its Due: HuffPost Covers Rocket Correction

A UN report came out that Israel did not in fact kill the son of a BBC reporter based in Gaza, and the Huffington Post buried it deep in the "World" section:

Notice that it is on the same level as articles published three days ago, as well as the same humanizing picture. Also you might see that the headline editorializes that he was "likely" killed by a Palestinian rocket, in start contrast with the original article:

Amazing how when Israel is accused of killing a baby, the Huffington Post publishes an original article about it, put its in the more widely read Media section, and reports the accusations as fact. Yet when a UN investigation concludes that Hamas is responsible for the same baby's death, the Huffington Post says it is only "likely."

No bias here, of course.

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