Thursday, March 21, 2013

Good News: Rocket Attack Elicits Sympathy

The Huffington Post, unbelievably enough, covered the news that Gazans fired rockets into Israel while President Obama was visiting. Naturally, the editors didn't make nearly as big a deal of it as they did of the settlements built during VP Biden's visit a couple years ago, but we can't expect miracles.

It appears that this latest war crime of the Palestinians was too much for even their trained propagandists  to handle, as all of the top comment were either anti-rocket attacks or pro-Israel:

Winds of change on the Huffington Post, perhaps?


  1. No sympathy. Just worry that their man-godbama may have been hurt by mistake while their beloved Hamas was attempting to murder Jewish school children.

  2. I don't think much has changed; we are just seeing a more representative sampling of opinions. Most people don't pay that much attention to Israel related stories, so the threads get flooded with the standard trolls.
    But because of Obama's visit, a lot more people are paying attention, and as you would expect from every poll ever, normal Americans are pretty supportive of Israel and not particularly supportive of terrorist attacks (especially when our POTUS is in the area.)
    The I/P debate on HP is not (normally) representative of public opinion because it gets dominated by lunatics that despise Israel (and usually jews) and will condone just about any attack on Israel.


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