Sunday, March 3, 2013

Holocaust Denial Returns to the Huffington Post

The Huffington Post has promised many times that offensive or demeaning comments will not be allowed on their boards. On a daily basis, we prove that they let down their comments to civilized discourse, especially where Jewish people are involved. Here is another latest and greatest example.

The Huffington Post covered a story about historians working on the Holocaust who have found that the number of concentration camps that were built by the Nazis total more than 40,000, which is a lot more than previously thought. What that means is that the Holocaust was even more extensive than previously believed. Certainly important, though not earth shattering, news I would say.

Anyway, the thread gathered 1300 comments at the time that I am writing this, and it will surely have more by now, so I didn't go through the whole thing. But right away in response to a top favorited comment we see some Holocaust denial:

The rest of the offensive comments, of which there were quite a few, is more what we are used to: Whining about how dead Jewish people get too much attention, deflections and finger-pointing at modern day Israel, the usual. As I said before I couldn't hope to get all of it but here are some examples.

As always, Huffington Post approved.

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