Monday, March 18, 2013

HP Bias: Bury the Preconditions

The Huffington Post covered the news from the Associated Press about President Obama's upcoming visit to Israel, and this is the headline it chose:

Buried in the AP article, though, is much more interesting news than just the whining Palestinians whining, which is something that happens every day. YnetNews made this news the headline in its publishing of the AP article, but the HP hopes you won't notice it:
"What we are going to tell him behind closed doors is what we are saying in public. There is no secret that a successful peace process needs a complete settlement freeze," said Nabil Shaath, a top adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas. "The Israelis are building on our land and claiming they want to negotiate with us about this land."
The PA are once again demanding a complete settlement freeze as a precondition to negotiations. Odd behavior for "victims of genocide," no?

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