Monday, March 4, 2013

HP Headline Bias: Palestinian Only Buses

The Huffington Post, like numerous other news media including the Guardian, couldn't wait to publish the news about the new bus service policy in the West Bank.

First, note the picture choice and the message "RESIST", already indoctrinating the reader to believe this new policy is bad and should be "resisted." HP picture bias at its most blatant.

Second, the headline is incredibly misleading and so is the HP article. The HP article is based off the Ha'aretz article, and even the Ha'aretz article gives an account of the story that is more reasonable.

Here is what both articles say:
"Beginning this week, the Israeli Transportation Ministry will operate buses in the West Bank that appear to be designated as "Palestinian-only," a development that has led some activists to allege racial discrimination.
The bus lines, operated by the Afikim bus company, will begin operating an apparently Palestinian-only service from West Bank checkpoints to Gush Dan, according to Haaretz."
Here's what the Ha'aretz article says, but not the HP article:
"The buses will begin operating Monday morning at the Eyal crossing to take the Palestinians to work in Israel. Transportation Ministry officials are not officially calling them segregated buses, but rather bus lines intended to relieve the distress of the Palestinian workers. Ynet has reported that fliers are being distributed to Palestinian workers notifying them of the coming changes.
Any Palestinian who holds an entrance permit to the State of Israel is allowed by law to use public transportation. Officials at the Samaria and Judea District Police have said there is no change in the operation of the rest of the buses, nor is there any intention to remove Palestinians from other bus lines. But Haaretz has in the past reported incidents when Palestinians were taken off of buses, and witnesses at checkpoints say that such incidents are ongoing. 
In response to the report, the Transportation Ministry said it "has not issued any instruction or prohibition that prevents Palestinian workers from riding the public bus lines in Israel or in Judea and Samaria. Furthermore, the Transportation Ministry is not authorized to prevent any passangers from riding those lines."  "
 This section points out that not only will Palestinians be allowed to continue using all the other bus lines, these ones in particular are created for them to make it easier for them to get into Israel in order to work!

But why write an article that shows Israel working with Palestinians when the article could be spun in order to push the "racism" and "apartheid" narrative?

Naturally, the HP commenters ate up the article, with over 1300 comments posted. The prevailing narrative, of course, was apartheid and Nazi comparisons and civil rights movement analogies. Click below for some of the most favorited ones.

Another victory for the anti-Israel spin patrol. 

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