Thursday, March 28, 2013

HPers Spit on the Graves of Syrian Children (Again)

For today's sneering at the suffering of the people of Syria, the Huffington Post published a short news clip about the hard lives of the children there:
"In the past four months, 12-year-old Mohamed Asaf has made the Dar al-Shifa clinicin Syria's Aleppo his home. The boy is a tireless aid to the few doctors in the makeshift hospital and helps care for an endless influx of wounded civilians and rebel fighters."With time, it has become easy," Mohamed says in his young voice. "Blood has become like water to me.""
Unfortunately, they forgot that the Huffington Post readership only care about 12-year-old boys named Mohammad if they can somehow play Westerners for his suffering. The top favorited comments of the whole 75 that were posted summed up the Huffington Post readership's attitude toward the conflict:

Welcome to the Huffington Post.

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  1. Large #'s of HP Readers in the past have stated support for Assad and Iran. It's only partially the paranoids who claim that America/Israel is most definitely going to bomb someone tomorrow at 7am local time...They've been saying this for 15 years nonstop. The real core of HP that loves Assad and Iran do so because either they're part of a disinformation machine or they're just crazy and stupid.


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