Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Huffington Post Publishes Palestinian Propaganda (Again)

The Huffington Post once again has published the propaganda of Maen Rashid Areikat, representative of the illegal dictatorship of Abbas aka the PLO. This time, it's the hilariously titled "Achieving Peace is the Priority", which was changed by the Huffington Post from its original title. How do we know that? Look at the URL:


Looks like the original title was something to the effect of "Peace Making is a Win Win". Why did the Huffington Post change it? I have no idea, but the fact that they did is itself interesting.

Rashid leads off with a talking point directly from the Israel hater's playbook, the classic argument of "Palestinians can't be anti-Semitic because we're Semites!" Seriously:
"We frequently hear unfair charges of being anti-Semitic leveled against us. These charges have been propagated in an attempt to formulate policies favorable to Israel regardless of how twisted the approach is. Yet Semitic refers to a family of languages whose origin is largely Middle Eastern. It does not only refer to Hebrew but also to Arabic, Aramaic and others. Therefore, by virtue of this fact, I'm a Semite as well as all Palestinians and Arabs. In the 1980s, when I studied at Arizona State University, the pro-Israel student kiosk consistently accused us of being anti-Semitic. How can we be anti-ourselves?"
If you read this blog regularly, you know why this argument is ridiculous, so I won't get into it again. But it's amazing that a Palestinian official and representative to the United States would attempt such a hairsplitting argument based on ignorance of the definition of words, an argument that most college students would not attempt because it's so easily refuted.

Next, Areikat pulls out another classic talking point:
"As much as we condemn anti-Semitism broadly, understanding it includes us, many pro-Israel groups use anti-Semitism as a scarecrow to suppress and silence criticism of Israeli policies."
Man, no wonder this guy is being published on the Huffington Post. He's practically an HP commenter already. Again, we've refuted this talking point a million times, I'm not doing it again.

Even though Areikat claims in the title that achieving peace is "the priority", he carefully avoids explaining what exactly that means, preferring instead to point fingers at "pro-Israel groups::
"Making peace in the region requires that many of us join hands in order to achieve that objective. It is no secret that the Jewish-American community generally supports a peaceful resolution based on the two state solution. Many oppose Israeli settlements and human rights violations against Palestinians, demanding that Israel live up to its commitments and obligations....When we seek peace we are fulfilling an existential objective, not just for ourselves and the Israelis, but also for the entire region and the world... Yes, some groups want to remain in the business of scoring political points, to weaken the resolve of the U.S., to encourage counterproductive Israeli policies, and to undermine the just struggle of Palestinians for independence and freedom. But, if one's purpose is a true and lasting peace, these are not the kinds of objectives that should be cherished, let alone 'bragged' about."
 As usual, he can name specific things that he wants Israel to stop doing (settlements), but he can't say exactly what he wants (just "independence and freedom").

Areikat is just publishing more BS Palestinian propaganda, disingenuously claiming to be the put upon side and claiming to want peace, while conveniently ignoring the fact that his party has no legitimacy and the party that does doesn't want peace with Israel at any level. Completely dishonest, and completely typical for the Huffington Post.

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