Friday, March 15, 2013

Huffington Post Pushes Muslim Victim Narrative, Doesn't Work

An article posted yesterday in the Huffington Post's "Religion" section was very interesting. Fiyaz Mughal is the director of the Tell MAMA Project, which you have probably heard about, but if you haven't it's a hotline for Muslims to report attacks on them. A hotline is not a police investigation, and there is no way to prove that the reports are true. This will cause problems later. Anyway Mr. Mughal is here to tell us about how evil British people are to Muslims, what he calls "The Rising Scourge of Anti-Muslim Hatred." and isn't it tragic. I will demonstrate a couple of examples from his article before we get into the comments, which were largely unsympathetic to Mr. Mughal and the Muslim community he represents.

Here's how he begins:
"A five-year old girl sent flying from the bonnet of a car, left unconscious in the road by a hit-and-run driver. A pregnant woman watching her husband being beaten up by her neighbour's boyfriend, their children terrorised by constant abuse. A family forced from their home in Nottinghamshire, leaving behind graffiti and a ham-wrapped cross on their doorstep. Or a young woman who had faeces [sic] thrust onto her hijab in a south London street."
Wow. Sounds serious. I did a little bit of search on the hit-and-run, which was unquestionably the most serious incident of his examples. If this is the right incident, then there isn't any evidence that she was hit because she was a Muslim. Mr. Mughal seems to be assuming that part. But if you read the article here's what else you find (emphasis mine):
"Three-quarters (74%) of incidents reported to MAMA took place over social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc), but there have also been attacks on mosque buildings, against pregnant women and 'visible' hijab (veil) wearers, even children and pensioners in their 80s."
Really. So this "scourge" of anti-Muslim hatred is overwhelmingly regulated to people saying mean things on Facebook. Not that people saying mean things on Facebook is somehow acceptable, but when Jewish kids are being shot in the head in France and gay people are being beaten up just for being out in public, it seems odd to claim that this is a larger priority.
"More and more research is appearing which suggests we've underestimated the scale of Islamophobia. As academic Matthew Goodwin and YouGov revealed a few days ago (in research about the English Defence League and the 'counter-jihad' movement), just 23% of people said that Islam was NOT a threat to Western civilisation. A mere 24% thought Muslims were compatible with the British way of life (with nearly half of people disagreeing that Muslims were compatible). Perhaps most disturbingly, nearly half of people polled thought there would be a clash of civilisations between Muslims and other Britons."
Certainly chilling statistics that one should stand up and notice. It seems to me, though I am no expert, that there is already a clash of civilizations underway in Britain, and Muslims are giving as good as they are getting if not more so. In this article check out the top favorited comments: even the Huffington Post readership are full of stories of being abused and harassed by Muslim men while the police do nothing to help. As one of them pointed out, Muslims make up just 3% of Britain's population but are 12% of its prison population. Here are some other statistics that Mr. Mughal doesn't include:

-0% of British Muslims found homosexuality acceptable.
-40% of Muslims want Sharia law in the UK.
-68% think there should be prosecutions for insulting Islam.
-36 percent of young British Muslims think apostates should be killed.

Although I think Mr. Mughal would have us believe that it's only people like the EDL who don't like Muslims, and only then don't like Muslims because they "aren't white" or because they are "different," it's clear that there is a lot more going on. 

Here is Mr. Mughal's conclusion:
"The Muslim community must show some leadership here, of course, and make sure it is engaging through its leaders with wider society. Muslims must not tolerate those who call for intolerance or hatred towards secular Britons or other faiths, or promote evils such as homophobia. But Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hated is something we must all take responsibility for, before the situation escalates out of control."
I'm not saying that the EDL is correct, but according to the above poll British Muslims don't think that homophobia is evil at all. I don't want to blame the victim, but the Huffington Post is not made up of crazy right-wing fanatics, and even they didn't buy what Mr. Mughal is selling:

It sounds to me that in Britain respect and tolerance isn't a two way street.  But I doubt the Huffington Post will publish an article criticizing the Muslim community for its zero tolerance approach to gays, for example. Wouldn't want to offend anybody.

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  1. He simply forgot to blamed the Jews. Then HP would have put it on page one. There would be 1500 comments screaming in agreement.


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