Sunday, March 10, 2013

HuffPost Spins, Plays Up Jewish Angle on Ibrahim Story

I'm sure by now you have heard the shameful story of Samira Ibrahim, an Egyptian activist who was going to get an award from the US State Department, before it was revealed that she is a terrible human being by her activities on Twitter. The most notable comments she made was in praise of the bus bombing in Bulgaria and 9/11, capitalized her desire for "America to burn." First she claimed her Twitter had been hacked, then stood by her comments and accused America of bowing to the "Zionist lobby."

Sounds like perfect Huffington Post blogger material, eh? So when the Huffington Post covered this story, they not only buried it deep in the "World" columns, but provided us with a helpfully spun headline:

So obviously Israeli victims of terrorism don't get their pictures in the Huffington Post, but an America hating terror supporter does. But that's not what jumps out to me. The Huffington Post editorialized by making the controversy not about her "tweets" but about her "anti-Semitic tweets." The implication here is that she only bashed Jewish people, and not praised the murder of innocent people including Americans. Let's compare with other online newspapers:

But the Huffington Post surely knows that if they focus on the Jewish angle, the Jew-hating readership of their newspaper will fill the thread with rage about the supposed "silencing" of an Arab hero for criticizing Israel's policies, no matter what the facts are. If you don't believe me, at the time I am writing this it has already started:

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