Thursday, March 7, 2013

HuffPost: US Drone Policy Is Suffering Children

Ready for some more blatant bias on the part of the Huffington Post, the most prominent Internet newspaper? Check this out (H/T HuffWatcher):

This is the front page of the Huffington Post right now. And it is extremely biased. Even if you are extremely against America's drone policy, this is a very manipulative way to publicize it. There is no question that drones have saved the lives of American soldiers and civilians as well. Does that make the drone policy good? Obviously not. But a headline declaring a particular policy to be 100% evil is just as much propaganda and a headline declaring a particular policy to be 100% good.

Remember death panels? And all the other misleading headlines and "gotcha" terms that FOX News, the Huffington Post's favorite villain, like to use? Well, the Huffington Post has made it clear that this is very different.

You don't have to love drones to dislike what the HuffPost did here. This policy is one of the most prominent critiques I have of the Obama administration. But if the Huffington Post can spin and smear something that you like now, just imagine what they will spin and smear tomorrow.

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