Friday, March 8, 2013

HuffPost's "Sports" Section Joins the Israel Bashing

The Huffington Post will do anything it can to avoid publishing good news about Israel, also known as news that doesn't fit the narrative. In contrast, they will provide double or even triple coverage of stories that make Israel look evil, and we have had a perfect example of the new Muslim soccer players on Beitar Jerusalem. The HuffPost can't get enough articles about it. Even though only a minority of Beitar's fans are flagrantly racist (despite its reputation), and even though racism has been indelibly linked to soccer going back decades, the Huffington Post still takes every opportunity they can to bash Israel using this story.

The latest example is in the "Sports" section with an article about one of the Muslim players' first games. Completely with an utterly misleading editorialized headline:

Notice how this is Huffington Post original reporting, which probably explains the spin by Meredith Bennett-Smith, or at least her editor. Zaur Sadayev is a Muslim, and the opposition to him from some Beitar fans is based on his religion, not his race. Therefore, the term "racist" has no place in this headline. If you think I am hair splitting remember that the other "side" will try to do the same to claim that people who hate Jews aren't "racist" either. Furthermore, "Israeli soccer fans" did not do this, a small group of them did if you actually read the article, which we know no one at the Huffington Post does:
"A group of Beitar Jerusalem fans known as "La Familia" staged the walk out Sunday after Beitar striker Zaur Sadayev scored his first goal of the season against opposing team Maccabi Netanya early in the second half. The game ended in a 1-1 tie."
Isn't it amazing that when groups like SJP stage walk outs, they are heroically protesting for something they believe in but when this group of dirtbags stage a walk out it is branded "racist" and given a screaming headline in the Huffington Post? What this group did was wrong, but compared to other forms of racism we see in European soccer, and Israeli soccer too, a walkout is actually pretty tame. But the Huffington Post needs a headline and the facts must be twisted to fit the agenda.

As for the comments  as you can see there were over 1500 of them, and most of the top favorited comments made it clear that the opposition to Israel is entirely because it is Jewish. It is not the "Zionists" conflating Jews with Israelis today:

And the grand finale:

Indeed, that is certainly something the Huffington Post readership likes to believe. That if .00005% of the Jews in the world do something wrong, that makes it okay to hate the rest. And of course the only people to blame for prejudice against them are Jews.

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