Friday, March 29, 2013

HuffPost's Whinefest Roundup

President Obama has left the Middle East but the whining and complaining has only just begun on the Huffington Post.

First up we have Sam Bahour who is absolutely stunned that President Obama didn't stab Israel in the back the way the friendly Palestinians expected him to. Notice the conspiracy theory here:
"The U.S. has filled the peace process, for the last 20 years, with Israeli-designed falsehoods, only to bring us to a total breakdown today. I was hoping (but not holding my breath) that President Obama would shift gears on this trip and come with a message to the Israelis that the world's superpower is now going to fill the process with accountability. That did not happen, and will not, until average Americans say, "Enough is enough.""
Yeah well do us all a favor and hold your breath until that happens. Average Americans hate you, and you have done absolutely everything you can to earn that hate. They don't give a damn about you, they are sick and tired of your whining and your refusal to make peace, and that isn't going to change no matter how much you complain in the Huffington Post.

Badour also spends a paragraph attacking Israel (because he clearly realizes that the Palestinians are past defending) to try and prove us that it isn't worthy of being allies with America. It's not worth my time to bust each and every talking point, you can tell that his hear isn't in it, suffice to say that none of it has to do with Israel's worth to America and everything to do with Israel doing things that Palestinians don't like. You know, besides exist.

Then there is Daoud Kuttab who isn't whining about Obama specifically but rather about "the Jerusalem issue," namely that nothing has been resolved with it. The article is basically just one recitation after another but I thought I would show you a couple interesting remarks. For example:
"Palestinians who boycotted voting in the unilaterally annexed "unified" Jerusalem have been unable to muster any serious political alternative to defend the Palestinian sector of Jerusalem."
As I said before, there is nothing "Palestinian" about Jerusalem. But I do like how this segment showcases the hilarious ineptitude of the way the Palestinians work. They refuse to compromise about anything and then wonder why nothing ever gets accomplished. Anything else? How about a blatant lie?
"Sheikh Raed Salah, from the Israeli-Palestinian town of Um Al Fahm, was ordered to stay away from Jerusalem by court order simply because he has been outspoken against the Israeli attempts to Judaise the holy city."
Whenever I hear a Palestinian supporter say that something happened "simply because" of something else my ears immediately perk up because it's a high chance that they are lying.

Raed Salah is head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, who has spent time in prison for funding Hamas, assaulting a police officer, and leading a violent demonstration. That alone would be enough to justify keeping him out of the political hotspot that is Jerusalem, but apparently Daoud Kuttab can't be bothered to tell the truth. Why is someone who continues to lie by omission employed at the Huffington Post?

Finally, of course, there is MJ Rosenberg, who can't believe that his man Obama didn't stick it to the Jews Zionists Israelis "Netanyahu firsters."
"Catching up on some of the news stories I missed about President Barack Obama's visit to Israel and Ramallah, it struck me how offensive his words and gestures must have been to Palestinians....At every stop, he made clear that the United States is 100 percent on Israel's side. Almost in so many words, he said that the United States and Israel are one."
Here's all I have to say:

Vote Republican next time, MJ.

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