Sunday, March 24, 2013

Israel Apologizes, HPers Keep Hating

One of the prevalent talking points among the Israel hating HPers is Israel's "arrogance." Depending on the level of hatred, this "arrogance" can refer to anything from bombing terrorist enclaves to simply exist on "Arab land." But one thing is for sure, something they really hate about Israel is its refusal to apologize for defending itself.

As you probably heard, last Friday Israel's government did in fact apologize for something, the deaths that occurred when Israel enforced its blockade of Gaza and boarded the Turkish ship the Mavi Marmara. The thread generated over 1,400 comments within 4 hours of being posted, and if you expected the HPers to perhaps welcome Israel's apology as a sign of moderation from the Netanyahu government or applaud the warmer relations between Israel and Turkey, you don't know them very well.

Instead, all of the top comments were either whining about other Israeli "crimes," crying that the apology wasn't good enough, or anti-Semitism. Here's some examples.

And then they wonder why Israel rarely apologizes for things.

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