Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Israel Wants Peace, HuffPosters Rage

Here's something we didn't expect, that nothing makes the Huffington Posters angrier than when Israeli politicians say they want peace. This is the headline from yesterday:

The article is very short, so I'm going to reproduce it here:
"JERUSALEM -- Israel's prime minister says his new government is extending its hand in peace to the Palestinians. 
Benjamin Netanyahu told Israel's parliament Monday that he hopes to rejuvenate peace efforts in his new term. Negotiations remained frozen during Netanyahu's previous four-year term. 
Netanyahu told the chamber that Israel has proven "time and again" it is ready to make concessions in exchange for a "real peace." 
He said that with goodwill from the Palestinians, Israel is "ready for a historic concession that will end the conflict with the Palestinians once and for all." 
Netanyahu gave no indication about what concessions he might make in his new term.His new Cabinet, set to be sworn in later Monday, consists of both moderates and hard-liners toward the Palestinians."
Not that big of a deal, right? You may not agree with it, but it's barely even worth publishing an article about. As you can see, there were hardly any comments on it by Huffington Post standards. But it was kind of impressive how well the haters managed to whip themselves up into a froth. Here are some examples:

It's very interesting that the only thing that makes the Huffington Post readership rage more than when Israel does something bad is when it does something good.

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