Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lates MJR Comment: Willful Ignorance

Check out the latest comment from MJ Rosenberg, posted on his most recent essay:

I am struck by the willful ignorance too, the willful ignorance of MJ Rosenberg. Here's the key sentence:
"The Palestinians accepted Israel's right to security in 1988 & have never gone back one it. "
 What Palestinians are you talking about, Mr. Rosenberg?? The ones who voted for Hamas, or the ones who voted for Fatah?! Which of those groups accept Israel's "right to security", to say nothing of Israel's very existence?

Accepting that when the Palestinians talk they mean what they say isn't "being afraid of your own shadow." It's called facing reality, something Mr. Rosenberg clearly has no experience with.

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  1. If he's lambasting the Pro Arab genocidal loons who are the only people not banned from HuffPo then MJR has firmly put himself in the camp of Neo Nazis and holocaust deniers. He's THAT far to the fringe.


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