Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lord Ahmed Rants About Jews, HuffPost Maintains Neutrality

News out of the UK today, as British peer Lord Ahmed (Labour party) was suspended from his party for making tweets blaming Jews for his punishment for texting while driving, which resulted in a crash that killed a person. The Huffington Post covered this article (in its UK section, no sign of it in the US edition), and used an impartial headline:

Note the phrasing of the headline. Ahmed was suspended "over 'Jewish conspiracy' comments." Compare and contrast this headline to the headline from the HP's article about Pamela Gellar's anti-jihad ads:

Why are the Huffington Post editors willing to declare without doubt that Gellar's ads are "anti-Islam" but cannot bring themselves to describe Ahmed's tweets as "anti-Jewish" or "anti-Semitic"? Are we supposed to believe that they now suddenly care about objectivity in their headlines?

The comments section for this article was pretty dead, generating less than 100 comments, most of which were against Ahmed's remarks. But there were at least a few which agreed with Ahmed:

Huffpost inspired and approved.

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