Friday, March 22, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Contradicts Himself, As Usual

Unemployed hobo MJ Rosenberg has published another op ed for the Huffington Post, this time about President Obama's speech. Most of it is just reporting of what Obama said, but even that task cannot be handled by Rosenberg without his trademark dishonesty. Let's take a look.

Rosenberg declares that Obama is toeing the "Israeli line":
"The party ended in Ramallah. Maybe it was his [Obama's] view of the separation wall from his helicopter or maybe the fact that he was away from the Israelis, but the face he presented at President Abbas' welcoming ceremony for him was utterly different. He looked miserable. Was it because he just didn't want to be there or because he is ashamed that his administration has decided to parrot the Israeli line on pretty much everything?"
So President Obama has decided to agree with the Israeli government on "pretty much everything"? That's a good talking point for MJ to whine about, but the rest of the article contradicts it.

First, President Obama "repeatedly referred to a Palestinian state." Not the Israeli line.

Next, Obama "referred to 'the moral force of nonviolence' to resist the occupation," and compared the Palestinian struggle to the civil rights movement in America, invoking his own daughters as beneficiaries of that struggle". Not the Israeli line either.

Then, Obama "included repeated and emphatic calls for peace and the establishment of a Palestinian state. The most significant part came when Obama referred to the Palestinians' right to justice, specifically referencing settler violence that goes unpunished." Not the Israeli line.

Lastly, President Obama issued an "endorsement of a "State of Palestine" and justice for the Palestinian people as prerequisites for security for Israel. Not exactly the Israeli line. 

Yeah, President Obama is really "parroting the Israeli line on pretty much everything!" What a puppet of the lobby!

It's never enough for people like MJ Rosenberg that President Obama is issuing support for parts of the Palestinian cause. They have to have both ways. They have to whine every time the President does some pro-Israel that he's controlled by the lobby and cheer every time he does something pro-Palestinian. It's so pathetic.

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