Sunday, March 24, 2013

MJ Rosenberg Repeats Classic Palsbara

Unemployed bridge dweller MJ Rosenberg has been active in the comments sections of his HP articles, as we talked about last week. In his recent article about President Obama's Israel speech, he parroted a classic Palsbara talking point, one that is so dishonest and ill informed we would expect it to be repeated by a college freshman, not an HP blogger. But let's take it down anyway, because I could use the practice.

Let's take it down one paragraph at a time.
"For Palestinians it is not an "ancient homeland" but the place where they were the overwhelming majority until the creation of Israel in 1948. It is absurd that I, who was born in New York, am entitled to become a citizen in Israel simply by asking for it while Palestinians cannot. I can move there tomorrow but Palestinians whose families were there from time immemorial are refugees or, if they are lucky, second class citizens in Israel."
1. MJ Rosenberg is not "entitled" to be a citizen of Israel "simply by asking for it." He needs to be screened for criminal activity.
2. Israel is a Jewish state. It has the right of sovereignty, which means it has the right to decide who it lets in and who it keeps out. It's so typical of Israel haters to care about human rights all day every day, except when it comes to Israeli rights.
3. It's no more absurd that Palestinians born in the West Bank do not have a right to return to Israel any more than Jews born in Israel do not have the right to return to Yemen, even if their families lived in Yemen for centuries. Yemen and Israel are sovereign states, they decide who comes in, as I said. Your family lived in our territory decades ago? It's still up to us to decide if you can come in or not.
4. Boo hoo, let's all cry tears for the Palestinians, who started a genocidal war and lost.
"But Israel's rightwing supporters believe that is right. Ask one if they think that an American Jew from New Jersey (following 800 years in Poland) has more right to live in Haifa or Jerusalem than a Palestinian whose family has lived there nonstop for 600 years. The answer will be "yes."
MJ Rosenberg has called me a "rightwing supporter of Israel" in the past, so I'll answer this question that he poses. Do I think that an American Jew from New Jersey (following 800 years in Poland) has more right to live in Haifa or Jerusalem than a Palestinian whose family has lived there nonstop for 600 years? I think Israel has the right to decide who can come and live in Israel and who cannot. Do American Jews have "more right" to live in Israeli territory than Palestinians? No one has the "right" to live in a country they do not have citizenship in, under international law. The countries decide who can live there.
"The answer is sharing the land. Two states, two peoples, as Obama said. The deal is on the table. All the Palestinians are asking for is 22% of historic Palestine, a good deal for Israel considering that until 1948, they had 100%. As Ariel Sharon said, those who fight for the last inch will lose it all."
No, Mr. Rosenberg, no. The Palestinians are not "asking for 22% of historic Palestine," their democratically elected leadership has made it abundantly clear over and over again that they want all of "historic Palestine." And while Palestinian apologists will make the case that Hamas doesn't speak for every Palestinian, which is true, there is certainly no factual basis for Rosenberg's statement that the Palestinians in general "only ask for 22%." Rosenberg is simply lying.

Why is such a dishonest person being allowed to blog for the Huffington Post?

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