Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Huffington Post Editorializing

Another series of bus ads by Pamela Geller have come around, and you know what that means. It's time to play the biased headline game:

You can find this headline in the "Religion" section, and as we pointed out before, only ads critical of one religion are labeled as "shocking" or "Islamophobic." The inside headline is a little more toned down:

So really this become a question of are these ads really anti-Islam, or are they "anti-Islam?" The Huffington Post does not have a picture of the ads in question, only a written description, though they do link to another site that has some. Here they are:

This one is a lot shadier than the "Defeat Jihad" ones from last year, but the end still makes it clear that they are criticizing jihad, which is an aspect of Islam. To me this seems just as much a criticism of the harsher aspects of Islam as any atheist billboard. Remember this?

I'd be comfortable saying that 99.999% of American Christians don't think slavery is acceptable, and would bump it down to 99% of Christians worldwide. But endorsing slavery is still part of the Christian religion. So if Christianity can be bashed in billboards at the side of the road, I don't see why Islam should be given a free pass and sympathetic headlines in the Huffington Post.

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