Friday, March 29, 2013

More MJ Rosenberg Stupidity: 100% of Territories

Every time MJ Rosenberg writes a comment on the Huffington Post, he keeps proving why he belongs there, he's so dishonest/stupid he can't get through one post without a lie. Here's the latest example:

From the very first sentence MJ Rosenberg is lying. Here it is again in case you can't read it:
"100% of the territories captured in '67 remain under Israeli control. "
 He then goes on to talk about how Israel controls Gaza's "entry points" (another lie, Egypt controls Gaza's southern border) and exercises "autonomous control" over the West Bank.

But Mr. Rosenberg, what about the Sinai peninsula? Any first year student of Middle Eastern history knows Israel captured the Sinai peninsula in 1967 along with Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights. So does the Sinai peninsula remained under Israeli control today? Or is MJ Rosenberg simply lying, as usual? The answer is obvious.

Of course the whinging goes on: MJR telling the Palestinians not to make peace and end their suffering until they get all the land he thinks they are entitled to is just the first step.

What I really like is Rosenberg claiming that the "Palestinians can just wait Israel out." Leaving aside the exceedingly obvious fact that he no longer has claim to be "pro-Israel," as Zach and I have discussed this isn't even true. The UN won't just get rid of Israel's sovereignty and can't give the Palestinians Israeli citizenship. It's actually forbidden in the UN Charter.

So time is very much not on your side, MJ. You can make a living whining about Israel, but the Palestinians have to actually live with the consequences of your advice. If you cared about them as much as you pretend to, you would encourage moderation. But moderation doesn't sell papers.


  1. It makes perfect sense. To MJR, the mere existence of Jews anywhere on Earth is ample evidence of their perfidy and unscrupulous control of everything everywhere.

  2. MJRottenbers is beyond any hope. I'm sure that he crossed to the Islamist side because of the Saudi money he is paid.....


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