Wednesday, March 20, 2013

More News the HP Doesn't Cover: Erdogan Walks It Back

The Huffington Post couldn't wait to cover Turkish PM Erdogan's description of Zionism as "a crime against humanity", and all of the HPers couldn't wait to agree with him, but how likely is it that the HP will publish Erdogan's walking back of his comments?
Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Wednesday that his February statement that Zionism is a “crime against humanity” on par with anti-Semitism and fascism was misunderstood, according to an AFP report.

Erdogan, speaking to a Danish newspaper, said that he knew his statements caused “some debate” but that “no one should misunderstand what I said.”

He said “everyone should know” that his comments were directed at “Israeli policies,” especially as regards to “Gaza and the settlements.”
“It’s entirely natural for us to continue to criticize Israel as long as it will not give up its approach of denying the right to exist of the Palestinian state,” Erdogan added. ”In several statements I openly condemned anti-Semitism, and it clearly displays my position on this issue.”
Erdogan should go into stand up comedy. Claiming that his comment on Zionism is "criticism of Israeli policies" is absolutely hilarious.

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