Monday, March 25, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Israeli Toddler Clings to Life

The Huffington Post isn't interested in this story, after all, it's only about an Israeli child, not about Palestinians.

"Adele Biton, 3, is fighting for her life after she sustained critical injuries terror attack in the West Bank.
On Thursday, March 14, Adva Biton, 32, was traveling home with her three daughters, when a rock was thrown through the window of her car, prompting her to lose control of the vehicle, and crash into a parked truck.

Due to Adele's critical condition, her family is preparing to spend Seder in the hospital.

“We are now thinking short-term; we are in a stage of survival, to see that she pulls out of this,” said Adele's father, Rafi. “There are some very hard moments. Only those who experienced something like this with their child can understand what we're going through.” "

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