Monday, March 11, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Cover: Silwan Jews Routinely Attacked

Here's some news about the "peaceful" Palestinians that the Huffington Post hasn't covered:

The trial of five Palestinians from Jerusalem's Silwan neighborhood exposed the methods used to attack security forces and Jews who bought land and homes in the neighborhood.
The Jerusalem District Court sentenced the five youths (ages 19-23) to an imprisonment of 36-40 months for 11 different charges over a span of six months. They were convicted of making and throwing Molotov cocktails, attempted arson of Jewish homes and stone-throwing. 

Similar indictments are being filed against Palestinians from Silwan on an almost weekly basis. As part of the struggle against Jewish settlement in the neighborhood, the declared goal of all the accused in these cases is to cause Jews to leave.

The Jewish homes in Silwan are in close proximity to one another, and the well-known ones are Beit Yonatan, Beit Dvash and Beit Meyuchas. 

Border Guard officers are stationed there permanently and police and security patrols of the Jewish homes occur regularly.

According to the court, the accused had two objectives in mind: "Removing the Jewish residents from Silwan and preventing authorities from entering the neighborhood and enforcing the law within its confines."

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