Tuesday, March 12, 2013

News the HP Doesn't Follow Up On: Toulouse Details

The Huffington Post couldn't help but cover the BBC reporter son story, but they missed this development out of France:

"Three suspected Islamist terrorists arrested in southern France appeared to be planning an attack in the days ahead of the anniversary of an al-Qaeda-inspired shooting that rocked France, the Paris prosecutor said on Monday.

Police found weapons and explosives at the home of one of the suspects in the town of Marignane, near Marseille, and intercepted communications between the men suggested they were close to going into action, prosecutor Francois Molins said.
The three men, who were taken in for questioning last week with a fourth man who was later released, were to be placed under formal investigation later on Monday.

"The investigation showed we were faced with a veritable laboratory for making improvised explosive devices and, even if we had no evidence of a precise plan, the messages exchanged by the participants suggested the timetable could be accelerated," Molins told reporters."
So much for the "one crazy guy who happens to be Muslim" theory. 

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